Guide: How to find the best Smartphones in Nigeria

Guide: How to find the best Smartphones in Nigeria

In the Nigerian market today, there are several brands of smartphones. So, to narrow your search, this guide will serve as an advisor to help you buy the best Smartphone in Nigeria. Therefore, if it’s your first time buying a Smartphone, with this advisor – you can become a pro online shopping guru.

A Smartphone is a mobile phone that runs on either iOS or Android operating systems, so, your Android phones and iPhone are a good example of a Smartphone. Besides, a Smartphone supports third-party apps – which help to increase the functionality of the phone.
Another distinguishing feature of a Smartphone is the fact that it can multitask. That is, it can do two or more things at the same time. For example, receiving emails while at the same time doing another online browsing.

Tips: How to find the best smartphones in Nigeria

What You Should Look For When Buying A Smartphone In Nigeria?

As a pro online shopper, there is a need to consider the following factors before buying your Smartphone in Nigeria;

Strength of the battery

This is very critical in the life of your phone. Battery life is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh). It ranges from between 1700mAh to 5000mAh in many cases. So, when buying your Smartphone – you should go for something that is not less than 2000mAh. But if you use many apps and play games regularly, go for something higher.

The operating system (OS)

Each brand of the phone comes with an operating system, whether iOS or Android. For Android, you get more control over the apps (download themes, change the launcher and even download apps from other sources outside Google Play Store.


The RAM enables your phone to multitask. Usually, 2 GB RAM is suitable for your daily activities. However, if you use more apps and engage in more gaming activities – then you should buy a phone with higher RAM, say 4 GB so that you can have more applications run at the same time on your phone.


To keep your phone running smoothly, it is advisable to buy a Smartphone that matches the operating system – and it comes as the number of cores and clock speed. With more cores, the phone can run more functions and processes. The processor ranges from the dual-core or higher types like 8 cores.

For the clock speed, you should not buy anything less than 1.84 GHz to be able to make calls and make use of your apps.

SD card storage

This is available only for Android devices. It allows for more file storage. However, Android phones can have SD card expansion from 8GB to as high as 200GB. Therefore, if you are a heavy app user or you handle more photos, it is recommended you buy a Smartphone with SD card storage.

Phone Screen size

Smartphones with bigger screen sizes are flooding the Nigerian market. Some people watch a lot of movies and play games that might need phones with larger screens. However, for casual users, a phone with smaller screens will do.

Besides, you must take note of the battery usage as it concerns the screen size. A bigger screen will require more power consumption compared to smaller screen size phones. Manufacturers are already making bigger batteries that can accommodate the size of the screen.


These days Smartphones are built with GPS locators, gyrometers, and accelerometers. So, if you are the type that uses Google Maps for easy navigation of your area – you will need these apps on your Smartphone. These sensors will communicate with location satellites and give the exact location you are per time.

Besides, fingerprint and facial ID sensors are gradually being included in most of the newer versions of Smartphones produced – these give better security systems by just using your fingerprint and face to lock or unlock your phone.
Other things to consider before buying your Smartphone in Nigeria include; USB file transfer, wireless connectivity, and internet connectivity

The best smartphones to buy in 2021

So, thinking of how to find and buy the best Smartphone in Nigeria? Become a pro-Jumia and get the best Smartphone.

The following are the best brands of Smartphone in Nigeria:

Tecno Camon N61,500 – N500,000

Tecno CAMON 16 PREMIER (CE9)-6.9 Inches
Tecno Camon 15 Air (CD6) 6.6 Inches HD+ DOT-IN DISPLAY- 3GB RAM+64GB ROM, Android Q,-5000mAh, 4G LTE

  • Pros
    Improved camera
    Excellent gaming experience
  • Cons
    Battery drains faster

Apple iPhones N12,000 – N810,000

Apple NEW Apple iPhone 5
Apple iPhone 6 Plus
Apple iPhone 7

  • Pros
    Good camera quality
    Stable iOS
  • Cons
    It’s a bit pricey

Infinix Smartphones N42,750 – N174,000

Infinix HOT 10 Lite (X657B)
Infinix Smart 5 (X657)

  • Pros
    It supports dual SIM
    Lightweight and can be easily carried around
  • Cons
    No fast charging
    Poor multimedia

Nokia 2.4 N51,500 – N69,000

Nokia 2.4 – 32GB ROM
Nokia 2.4 (TA-1270 DS)
Nokia 2.4 – 64GB ROM

  • Pros
    Long battery life
    Budget-friendly with great performance
  • Cons
    Does not support fast charging
    It easily heats up with heavy usage

Samsung Galaxy N27,500 – N360,000

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 5.6 Inches 4G LTE
Samsung Galaxy A12
Samsung Galaxy M31 (SM-M315F/DS) Dual SIM

  • Pros
    Great gaming phone
    Great features
  • Cons
    Poor thermal system
    The software comes with bugs

Gionee N25,000 – N134,000

Gionee S11
Gionee (M100)
Gionee M6

  • Pros
    Excellent sound output
    Nice images during daylight
  • Cons
    It easily heats up
    Slow processing

Xiaomi Redmi N29,500 – N211,000

XIAOMI Redmi Note 3 5.5
XIAOMI Redmi 9

  • Pros
    Great operating system with many customizations
  • Cons
    Poor RAM utilization
    Heating issues
    Poor software optimization

Meeysoo N24,500 – N49,990

Meeysoo P45 Pro
Meeysoo R4 Plus Smartphones
Meeysoo M40 Pro

  • Pros
    It is beautifully designed
  • Cons
    Also, it heats up easily after a prolonged usage

Huawei N33,000 – N130,000

Huawei Y5 Prime 2018 Full View Display
Huawei Y6 Pro 4G Lte 13mp +5mp Camera 3GB Ram 32GB Rom 2017
Huawei MatePad T8

  • Pros
    Brilliant camera
    Supports fast charging
    Good battery life
  • Cons
    It is bulky
    Has no screen protection

Itel N10,650 – N45,000

Itel A36
Itel A56
Itel A33

  • Pros
    Average battery life
  • Cons
    Low-resolution phone

Cubot Note N27,000 – N97,000

Cubot Note 7
Cubot Note 20
Cubot Note Plus

Oukitel N24,000 – N144,000

Oukitel C21 4G 6.4 Inches FHD Android 10
Oukitel C17 Pro 6.35-inch Android 9.0
Oukitel WP5 8000mAh Battery 5.5 Inches,

  • Pros
    Excellent battery life
    Good performance phone
  • Cons
    It heats up easily after a prolonged use

Umidigi N34,500 – N252,500

UMIDIGI A7S Infrared Temperature Sensor
UMIDIGI A9 Pro Infrared Temperature Sensor

  • Pros
    Good battery life
    Top-notch display
  • Cons
    It heats up easily after a long use

LG N24,500 – N119,000

LG Android Smartphone G4 H815 LG G5
LG V10

  • Pros
    Phones are elegant and classy
    Good battery life
  • Cons

Imose N21,500 – N30,000

Imose GiDi PLUS 5.5 Inches 1GB RAM 8GB ROM

  • Pros
    It is affordable
    Enhanced security features
    HD screen
  • Cons
    Low storage capacity

Advantages Of Buying Smartphones Online Instead Of Buying At Local Shops?

It is often more advantageous to buy your Smartphone from eCommerce sites like Jumia. So, you can become a pro-Jumia user by downloading the Jumia app and using the app for your next online shopping.

The advantages of buying your Smartphone online and not from the local shop include;
Its convenience and smartphones are made available on time – You can order for your device anywhere you are and get it delivered to you. This does not only saves time but also saves energy and resources.

The phones are offered at cheaper prices – when you buy from online stores. Sometimes, Jumia offers discounts of up to 50 percent making it the best choice. Besides, during flash sales, you even enjoy a lower discount when compared to the original price of the device.
You enjoy product warranty – Patronizing online stores like Jumia makes it possible for you to enjoy the warranty on the Smartphone. This might not be available when you buy from offline stores.

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What Are The Advantages Of Buying Your Smartphones At JUMIA?

Pro Jumia users enjoy amazing discounts and even especially during flash sales where discounts on these Smartphones can be as high as 50 to 75 percent. So, as a pro online shopping enthusiast, it advisable to download the Jumia app and start enjoying these amazing offers.

Also, making payments through the Jumia Pay option gives users 5 percent off the price of the Smartphone.

There is also a good return policy on Jumia where defective and products that do not meet your expectations are promptly replaced and in some cases, a refund is done.
Here is the kicker – you need to download the Jumia mobile app before you can access these offers

Final Thoughts

So, buying the best Smartphones in Nigeria has been simplified by this advisor – it is recommended to buy from online stores like Jumia. Besides, it is good you know what you want and the price you can pay before embarking on your search.

Therefore, going by this advisor, it is often a better option to buy your phones from trusted and accredited online eCommerce platforms like Jumia – because they give you value for your money.