Best whitening cream in Nigeria – Reviews 2021

Best whitening cream in Nigeria – Reviews 2021

The skin is very delicate, and what you put on your skin can determine how good or bad you look. The way you look determines a lot of things about you from your confidence to your self-esteem. Having an uneven skin tone is one thing that causes you to be too conscious about your looks bringing down your confidence when you need it the most.
One of the best ways to combat uneven skin tones is to make use of skin whitening creams. These creams work to help reduce the pigment known as melanin treating numerous skin conditions and making the skin look good.


Not every skin whitening cream out there is good, and some even do more harm than good leaving you in a place where you wonder whether skin whitening creams work for everyone. These skin whitening creams work for everyone with a lot of individuals testifying to this fact.

In a bid to help you get the best skin whitening creams in Nigeria, avoiding all the bad products in the process, in this article, we are going to be talking about the best skin whitening products in Nigeria, the benefits of each of these products as well as the disadvantages so you can take all of these factors into consideration when making a selection.

Best whitening cream in Nigeria

1. BB Clear Whitening Body Cream

The first skin whitening cream on our list is the BB. Clear Whitening Body Cream and this is one of the body creams we feel deserves to be on this list. This whitening cream is the combination of depigmenting plant-based ingredients with fruity acids. This cream improves the skin appearance by repairing sun damage and dark spots leaving your skin looking good. This skin whitening cream is designed to rejuvenate the skin and make it look good and what is good about this product from BB is that it is great for all skin types.

The unique formula of this whitening cream is enriched with carrot extracts and antioxidants, all of which help to clear the skin faster and likewise even the skin complexion. So, if you have any dark spots or pigmentations you do not like on your skin, the BB Whitening Body Cream would help you get a unified bright and beautiful skin. All you need to do is apply twice daily after your bath and make sure that you mass it in the right places for each of those uses so it can penetrate the skin easily.

For those with darker pigmentations and skin tones that are more uneven, patience is needed because the magic would not happen overnight. You need to avoid applying more than twice daily as prescribed by the company to get the results you need.

Pros of BB Clear Whitening Body Cream

This whitening cream works fast.
You do not need to apply too much to see your desired results.
It is made using plant-based ingredients.

It is a little slower for people with darker pigmentations.

2. Bismid Cosmetics Extra Whitening Night Cream

The next whitening cream we will be talking about here is the Bismid Extra Whitening Night Cream. This whitening cream has active ingredients such as Glutathione and Kogic derives from the Japanese mushroom, which can whiten the skin tone and improve the outlook as well, restoring your complexion in the process.

Asides the aspect of toning the skin, and removing unwanted pigmentation, it also soothes into the skin and slows down the production of enzymes which produce the melanin and dark spots. So, after seeing the results, you can keep making use of this skin whitening product to make sure that the results stick.

This product is made using natural Japanese mushrooms which are healthy for constant use.
There are no negative side effects with constant use.
This whitening product is good for all skin types.

This skincare product is expensive.

3. Intimate Whitening Gel by Melina Organics

Intimate Whitening Gel by Melina Organics is another great skin whitening product, and it is great for those who have not tried skin whitening products at all. Many people who use skin whitening products complain that they react to some of these products as first-time users but not this one because it is gentle on your skin even as a first-time user.

It works by hydrating your skin – which is good for your skin health – and then thinning the melanin in your skin, leaving you with a brighter skin pigment. Another good thing about this skin whitening product is that you get the same results even if you have dry or oily skin. The natural ingredients such as Aloe Vera used in this product help you moisturize, soothe, and brighten the skin restoring the skin elasticity within a short period.

This whitening cream works well for all skin types.
This whitening cream is great for first-time users.
This product is calm on the skin.

You need to use it more often for skin areas with darker pigmentation.

4. Nella Magical Whitening Lotion

Asides the need to take care of pigmentation and give your skin an even tone, many individuals are looking for quick skin whitening results, which is what the Nella Magical Whitening Lotion is here for. Many individuals looking for skin whitening results within short periods always feel like consequences later on, but this product acts fast on the skin without any negative reactions.

Asides the fast-acting properties of this lotion, you also enjoy good lightening results which last for a long time. So, if you are looking for healthy, fast and long-lasting skin whitening results, you can count on Nella Magical Whitening Lotion.

This is a fast-acting skin whitening product.
This skin whitening cream does not have any negative adverse effects even with the speed.
This skin whitening cream can easily tone dark individuals.
This skin whitening lotion smells good.


5. Cherioll Whitening Cream

Some skin parts of the body are more difficult to whiten than others, and no matter the whitening cream you use, it still does not feel like anything has changed. Some of these skin parts are the knuckles, the feet, the private region and of course, the armpit. Cherioll Whitening Cream is great for whitening such parts of the body with good results. The good thing about this product is that it is not selective, meaning that it can be used to restore and whiten every skin type, including older individuals with much more tender skin types to god effect.

If you have also used another shin whitening cream in the past that did not work well or even damaged the skin in the past, Cherioll Whitening Cream can help restore the skin to its good-looking status, giving you that glowing look once again. To cap it all off, you get the best skin whitening results using this cream, and with the active ingredients, it also helps to fight body odour if that is a problem for you.

This whitening cream works well on difficult body parts like the armpit, knuckles, and feet.
This whitening cream helps to fight body odour.
This whitening cream is good for all skin types, including older individuals.

The pump of the cream easily gets damaged.

6. Vasanti Brighten Up Moisturizer

If you are looking for a healthy and reliable skin whitening product, then you can count on Vasanti Brighten Up Moisturizer. This product is healthy for your skin whitening needs because of its rich organic content some of which are Arbutin – derived from bearberry leaves, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin C, which helps to get you the best results.

We termed this cream as one of the healthiest and most reliable whitening creams because Vasanti cosmetics the makers of Vasanti Brighten Up Moisturizer took a lot of time to make sure that the product is free of chemicals like sulphate, paraben, and phthalates. The cream is also vegan friendly and is made using 98% natural ingredients.

If you are looking for a healthy skin whitening product, you can look to the Vasanti Brighten Up Moisturizer because they prioritize your skin health above making profit which is a rare ideology you need to take advantage of. Indeed, you do not need chemicals to achieve your skin whitening needs, and Vasanti is proof of this.

This whitening cream is made using natural ingredients.
This whitening cream is one of the healthiest in the market.
This whitening cream is good for all skin types.

This whitening cream might take some time before you see your desired results.

7. Protégé Luminate Premium Skin Whitening Cream

The last but not the least skin whitening product we will be bringing to you is the Protégé Luminate Premium Skin Whitening Cream. This is one of the most recommended creams by dermatologists because it is good for brightening up the skin and removing dark patches, dark spots and hyperpigmentation on any skin type.

This Skin Whitening Cream is one of the best in the market because it has active ingredients like arbutin and kojic acid which function as a single unit to help whiten the skin and give you the results you are looking for.

This skin whitening product is well-recommended by many dermatologists.
This product has active and powerful skin whitening ingredients.
This product is non-toxic.

This product is slower for acne scars.

Conclusion of this whitening-cream-comparison

Looking at popular comments on skincare products, especially whitening creams, people are always sceptical about selecting what products to use. This is because you only have one skin, and some of the damages done to the skin cannot easily be reversed.
Taking your needs and scouting for a good solution, we have been able to bring you the healthiest skin whitening creams in Nigeria. These are some of the best and healthiest creams in the Nigerian market today, many of which have specific action points.

Men doing a test of best whitening cream

The ideal result here is to connect you to the best whitening creams so you can make a decisive selection without any doubt in your mind. We hope that you look through this review and find it helpful. Good luck.


What are the typical prices for skin whitening creams in Nigeria?

Unlike most skin care products and creams in the market, skin whitening products are produced specifically to help tone up the skin and make it look healthy, which is why they are more expensive than others. The ideal price range for skin whitening products in Nigeria is N7,500 to N30,000.
Some products are far below this price range claiming to give the results you need but, in the end, do more harm than good. If you need skin whitening products, then go for the much pricier products as they work better to get you good results.

What should you be looking for when buying skin whitening creams?

When shopping for a new skin whitening cream, try to take a look at the ingredients and see if there are more natural ingredients than the artificial. If you are buying online, you can search for the product and look at the ingredients. If you have more natural ingredients, then it is safe to use. For products with ingredients you have never heard of, search online and see if these ingredients have roots in nature. If this is the case, then it is safe for use and a good buy as well.

Women did a whitening cream test


What are the advantages of buying skin whitening products online instead of buying in local shops?

The simple answer to this is your exposure to a wide range of products. Going to a local shop means meeting up with someone who can simply work his/her magic cajoling you into making a purchase. However, buying online gives you time to do research and find out if what you are buying would be the best for you rather than an on-the-spot decision that can sometimes be incorrect.

What are the advantages of buying at JUMIA?

JUMIA is the biggest online market place in Nigeria, with thousands of vendors selling under the brand. Skin whitening products are no exception as there are lots and lots of them online. Buying these skin whitening products on JUMIA means that you have products that you can trust. You also have access to a wide range of products on JUMIA which allow you to make a decisive selection and finally, you can take your time to make a good choice and this is a great way to shop for anything including skin whitening creams.