Best Soap for chocolate skin in Nigeria – Reviews 2021

Best Soap for chocolate skin in Nigeria – Reviews 2021

In the last article where we talked about the best creams for dark skin, we highlighted that in our next article, we were going to talk about other factors that can improve skin texture and being true to our word here we are.

In the general sense, keeping your chocolate skin looking good and living a healthy life requires that you take your bath at least once a day. However, the soap you use determines the effectiveness of your bath. So, to keep your chocolate skin looking as good as you would like, we have written this article to give you an idea of the best bathing soaps for chocolate skins in Nigeria.

How is chocolate skin different from Dark skins?

Our colour pigmentation is determined by the level of melanin we have in our skins – this is the same factor which determines our eye and hair colours. This is to say that the higher the production of melanin in the body, the darker the skin.

The difference between dark and chocolate skins is in the way people see and differentiate it. In Nigeria, those who are darker are known to have dark skins while those who are still dark but with a lighter pigmentation are termed as chocolate skinned individuals.
Now that we have cleared the air, let us move to the main course of the article which is highlighting the best creams for chocolate skins in Nigeria. These are some of the best soaps in the market today, which would leave your skin glowing and looking good all the time.

Importance of Using A Good Bathing Soap for Your Skin

Before going into the best soaps for your chocolate skin, we need to understand the significance and importance of using a good bathing soap regularly. If you understand the importance, then you would learn to place more emphasis into using it. Here are some of the important reasons you have to make use of a good soap:

1. It cleans the skin
This is the first and most important factor to be considered when it comes to bathing soaps. What soap does is remove dirt and oil from the skin using the emulsifying agents in the skin. This helps to keep the skin healthy.
2. It washes off corrosive acids.
Some of the major things that cause harm and damage to the skin are corrosive acids. We come in contact with these corrosive acids as we go out daily, and the only thing that can remove these things is a good bathing soap.
3. It prevents pimples and acne.
Most of the time, pimples and acne occur due to oil and dirt which our skin comes in contact with. With the use of a good soap, you can constantly wash off all of these oils and dirt, which helps to prevent acne and pimples.
4. Soaps are Antibacterial
Healthy skin is skin free from bacteria. A bar of good soap has antibacterial properties. The coming together of the skin with a good antibacterial soap means the end of bacteria on the skin, and this means that you would have a clean, healthy skin throughout the day.

Taking a bath with soap for dark skin

Best Bathing Soaps for Chocolate Skins in Nigeria

Dudu Osun Tropical Black Soap

Number one on our list is Dudu Osun Tropical Black Soap. This is one of the most popular soaps in Nigeria, and this is one of the best soaps for chocolate skins and many other skin types in Nigeria.
One of the main differentiating factors with this product is that it is made from essential natural products, making it very healthy for the skin. Another fascinating thing about the Dudu Osun Tropical Black Soap is that a little does a lot. On application, this soap tends to foam a lot, which is great for the overall application. This soap moisturizes the skin without any irritation as it nourishes and smoothens the skin clearing acne scars, stretch marks, and dark spots.


  • Some of the natural ingredients are shea tree bark and kernel oil, all of which soften the skin.
  • It is made using only natural products.
  • It deeply cleanses your skin.
  • This soap helps to fight skin irritations.
  • This soap keeps the skin looking younger.
  • This soap is a traditional black soap which is very effective.


  • It melts too easily.
  • Not everyone likes the fragrance.
  • Current offer on ₦ 3,500 – 3 bars.

Colgate-Palmolive Palmolive Naturals Moisture Care Soap with Olives

The Palmolive natural moisture care soap is another great soap for chocolate skins, and it is a product of one of the most popular toothpaste companies in Nigeria, Colgate. This moisture care soap is a moisture-based soap that helps lock moisture in the skin, keeping it hydrated throughout the day. Colgate-Palmolive has a fleet of beauty care soaps in their collection, but the one best suited for chocolate skins is the Palmolive Moisture Care Soap.


  • This soap has a nice fragrance.
  • The ingredients are gentle on the skin.
  • This soap is budget-friendly.


  • This soap dissolves a little faster than usual.

Eva Ivory Care Soap

Eva Ivory Care Soap is one of the best care soaps for chocolate skins in Nigeria. Compared to the other creams in this collection, as a Nigerian, you must have seen this cream once or twice and if you have used it, even better.

Eva Ivory Care Soap helps make sure that your chocolate skin remains silky for most of the day, which is essential for healthy skins. You do not have to do too much washing before your skin gets very silky, showing how much work this care soap does when you have your bath.
The ingredients used for formulating this soap are all-natural, blended with the perfect flavour to give your chocolate skin that looks great.


  • This soap has a nice fragrance.
  • This soap is made using all-natural ingredients.
  • This soap is ideal for all skin types.
  • This soap helps to maintain skin elasticity.
  • This soap is affordable.


  • This soap needs better packaging.

Olay Age Defying Beauty Bar Soap with Vitamin E

If you have used any Olay product, then you know that one key factor with them is consistency. The Olay Age Defying Beauty Bar Soap is a specially formulated bar soap which moisturizes the skin far better than most soaps out there today.
The secret behind the success of this soap is the special formulation which is made possible using Olay lather which goes beyond cleaning the skin to moisturizing the surface. This leaves your skin looking great and shiny for a long time. With the right level of moisture in the skin thanks to this Olay soap, your chocolate skin feels great all the time.


  • This soap leaves your skin moisturized.
  • This soap is great for dry chocolate skins.
  • This soap takes away every sense of dryness in your skin.
  • This soap improves the evenness in your skin.
  • People with flaky skins can count on this soap to help their skin get softer and better-looking.


  • Can be a little bit sticky.

Dove Beauty Cream Bar Soap

Another important and likewise popular bar soap for chocolate skins is the Dove Beauty Cream Bar Soap. Many people know about Dove beauty creams, but only a few know about their beauty soaps. This Uniliver product is the best choice for chocolate skins.

This soap consists of many natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, which help to soften the skin leaving it without any blemishes, and Argan and coconut oil helps to keep the skin looking good right out of the shower. Talking about quality and class, Dove is right up there amongst the elites.


  • This soap has one of the most pleasant smells.
  • This soap is effective for clearing your chocolate skins.
  • This soap is easy to use.
  • The effects of this soap are gentle on the skin.
  • This soap is not expensive.


  • None


Your bathing soap stands as one of the most important factors you need to always consider. There are numerous bathing soaps out there which go very well with chocolate skins, many of which we have highlighted, some of which we did not.

However, this is your skin. To eliminate the unpredictability that comes with the use of some of the unhealthy skincare products in the market today, we decided to bring some of the best soaps for your chocolate skin in Nigeria.

This would act as a guide, and hopefully, with consistent use, you get the results you have always wanted. Having a beautiful chocolate skin is easy with the right soap, and in some of our other articles, we would take a look at other factors that can improve your chocolate skin as well, good luck.


As a bonus, we are once again going to be answering some of the most important questions on the topic “the best soaps for chocolate skins in Nigeria.” Hopefully, this would answer whatever questions you might have.

What are typical prices for beauty products, especially soaps for chocolate skins in Nigeria?

The price range of soaps for chocolate skins in Nigeria is relative. With a range of many products available in the market, it is hard to give an average price. However, to put a label on it based on this review, we would say that the average price range would be from N3000 to N12,000. Many are more expensive than some others, so the price depends on your selection.

What should you look for when buying soap for chocolate skin?

When getting a good soap for your dark skin, there are a lot of factors to consider. This is to say that there are some healthy ingredients to look for and some others to avoid. Here are some of the ingredients to look for in a good soap:

  1. Plant oils such as Aloe Vera, avocado, and cocoa butter.
  2. Glycerine as it adds moisture to the skin.
  3. Hyaluronic acid and Lanolin for their hydrating effects.

Ingredients to avoid in your bathing soap:

  • Fragrances and alcohol as they lead to irritations.
  • Synthetic dyes which lead to dry skins.

What are the advantages of buying bathing soaps online instead of buying in local shops?

While some believe buying your skin care products in their local shops is the best option, there are many reasons why buying online is the best option for you. Here are some of them just to mention a few:

  1. You have an amazing selection of products from a lot of people online.
  2. There are no salespersons to influence your decisions.
  3. You have a chance to read about the products before your purchase.
  4. You can read product reviews to know what people are saying about the products.
  5. You have access to a lot of sales promos.

white soap to use for dark skin

What are the benefits of buying your soap at JUMIA?

Let’s forget everything JUMIA tells you, realistically, there are many benefits of purchasing from JUMIA. Here are some of the major reasons to purchase online from JUMIA:

  1. You get to safely purchase anything you want at the tap of a button.
  2. You get access to exclusive deals and new product launches.
  3. You get access to free deliveries – most of the time.
  4. You can easily return faulty products within the delivery time.