Best Inverter Batteries In Nigeria, Prices, And Reviews – 2021

Best Inverter Batteries In Nigeria, Prices, And Reviews – 2021

Are you looking for Inverter batteries? Power is essential in the accomplishment of most of our day-to-day activities. These include cooking, washing, ironing, and many other things – so, the need for electricity cannot be overemphasized.
So, the unavailability and erratic power supply in Nigeria has necessitated the provision of power supply from other sources – which include inverters or backups.

Guide: Inverter batteries

The inverter batteries are needed when installing the inverters. The batteries are safe and are not prone to cause any damage to your appliances – so far; there has been no reported power surge as a result of inverter batteries. However, in Nigeria today – choosing the right inverter will guarantee you don’t experience a power outage again. This review will emphasize the best inverter batteries in Nigeria, their corresponding prices.

What are inverters?

Inverters are devices that convert direct current (DC) from a battery to alternating current (AC) for use in your home, offices, and wherever needed. So, the inverters require an appreciable amount of current to be able to supply power to your home over some time.

The best brands of inverter batteries in Nigeria

Luminous Inverter Battery

Luminous Inverter Batteries review
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  • High performance is guaranteed with the Luminous inverter battery
  • Long lifespan and fast charging
  • The Luminous inverter battery accepts deep discharge
  • Requires minimum maintenance


  • Some backup have been reported as not been good as expected

Genus Tubular Battery

Genus tubular inverter batteries review
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  • Fast charging
  • Strong, reliable, and efficient
  • Compatible with all inverter type
  • It can work with both Solar and normal applications


  • It is bulky compared to others in the same class

Ritar Inverter Battery

Ritar Inverter Batteries review
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  • Low maintenance is required
  • They are suitable for solar, UPS, telecom system, and wind energy systems


  • Batteries are not always fully charged

Forgo Deep Cycle Batteries

Forgo inverter batteries test
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  • Short charging time
  • Longer lifespan making them durable


  • They are sensitive to overcharging
  • Reduced capacity over time

GBM Inverter Battery

GBM inverter batteries review
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  • Maintenance-free mechanism
  • They are durable and strong


  • It could be sensitive to overcharging

Amaron Quanta Inverter Battery

Amaron quanta inverter batteries review
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  • It boasts of long life
  • Better safety is assured
  • Ultra-low maintenance is sure
  • It has a prolonged warranty


  • A bit heavier than similar range batteries
  • There are chances of acid leakage

Altimate inverter battery

Altimate inverter batteries review
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  • Leak-proof and heavy-duty grids
  • Efficient, long-lasting, and durable
  • german technology


  • There could be leakages

Types Of Inverter Batteries

There are three types of inverter batteries in the marketplace. So, you must be aware of these three types before making a move to buy;

Lead Acid Battery

The Lead-acid battery is the most popular type of inverter battery in the marketplace. They are lightweight, cheap, and have a huge capacity. However, they need high maintenance – you must also check the electrolyte level from time to time to continue topping it.
Lead-acid batteries are more suitable for offices and large homes. Also, they are durable and can last for a long time. The lead-acid batteries have a shorter lifespan.

Tubular Battery

They are the most complex of the three types of inverter batteries. It is durable and has better efficiency. Besides, it requires low maintenance – this makes it one of the best battery types to be used for your inverters.
Besides being of great efficiency, they are best suitable for heavy-duty applications and frequent power cuts. However, their designs are often complex and they are mostly expensive.

Maintenance-Free Battery

They could also be called gel batteries. Also, they are lead-acid batteries and require minimum maintenance. It makes use of gel and absorbent glass material – this makes it more expensive than lead-acid batteries and tubular batteries.
They lose electrolytes at a slower rate than the other types of batteries. Besides, it can be placed at any orientation and does not produce any battery emissions. However, they could be expensive and also have a shorter lifespan.

What To Consider When Buying Inverter Batteries

The following tips will help you buy the best inverter battery in Nigeria that is most suitable for your inverter:

  • Quality: Before buying your inverter, you must ensure that it is made from high-quality materials that will guarantee its durability and its efficiency.
  • Brand: It will be good to buy your inverter batteries from the top and trusted brands – because these are of great precision and warranty which covers the buyer in the event of any return and replacement of defective products. The available brands in Nigeria include Luminous, Genus tubular, Rita batteries, and several others
  • Efficiency: The power capacity of the battery determines its efficiency. So, you must know the battery capacity concerning your power requirement. Do a compilation of all the appliances in your home or office and buy a battery with the right capacity.
  • The energy capacity of an inverter is measured in Ampere-Hour (AH) and the most common types in Nigeria are the 100AH and 200AH capacities of a 12V battery. Other available types are the 150AH and THE 210AH
  • Besides, there is also the 2V capacity battery for inverters and solar panels rated 500 AH, 1000 AH, and 1500 AH. The 2V are mostly designed for smaller spaces and solar inverters.
  • Inverter Compatibility: You need to know if the battery you are buying can work with your inverter – this is very important because once they are not compatible, it won’t work.
  • Price of the battery: This is also important when buying your battery. Since there are several brands of batteries in the marketplace – you should buy the type that you can afford, maintain, and also offer the best result as much as possible.
  • Warranty: These days, most manufacturers offer good warranties for their products. There are two types of warranty when it comes to inverter batteries. These are free of cost and pro-rata.
  • Under the free of cost, if your battery stops working – the manufacturer will offer a free replacement for the same type of battery.
  • Whereas under the pro-rata type which starts after the free-of-cost period – the buyer is expected to pay a certain amount of money for the repair of the battery. So, choose right as you buy your inverter battery
  • Another factor to consider before buying your battery might be its performance rating – which determines its output.

What Are The Important Things To Note While Using Inverter Batteries?

So, the following are the important things to note while making use of your inverter battery because these will ensure the durability of your battery;
The batteries must always be placed in a well-ventilated space – this will help prevent heating up during charging and when in use.

The battery must be put to use regularly. So, it’s possible you don’t experience a power-cut either at home or in the office for a long period – it is advisable to completely discharge the battery and recharge again (at least once every month). This will help to keep the battery in good shape.

Regular checking of the battery water level is also essential. The water level should always be between the minimum and maximum water level. Distill water should be used in doing this – because tap or rainwater could contain impurities and excessive minerals which might affect the battery life and its performance. This should be observed at least once in every two months.

Ensure that the battery terminals are corrosion and rust-free. This could reduce current flow from the battery – which leads to slow charging and reduces the lifespan of the battery. However, if you notice corrosion and rust, pour baking soda and hot water into the affected area and use a toothbrush to clean it. Always place the battery in a dry place and use applies petroleum jelly on the terminals to avoid corrosion and rust.
Batteries must always be prevented from smoke and fire – it prevents it from an explosion and prolongs the lifespan of the battery.

Do not allow the battery to completely drain from time to time. This destroys the battery cells and reduces their lifespan. So, once you have used the battery for a while – discontinue the usage and recharge again
Do not use energy-draining devices with your batteries. As you set up your inverter systems, choose energy-saving devices that reduce power consumption from the batteries. For instance, the yellow bulb uses up to 75 percent more power than the LED bulbs – so, this saves more power.

It is important to always stay within the load capacity of the inverter. When you use loads greater than what the inverter can carry – more power is drained from the battery to keep them running during power-cut which means a shorter backup time. So, extra loads must be disconnected when not in use.

Batteries must always be checked regularly – especially the vent areas for blockages because this might lead to the battery bursting if they are blocked.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Inverter Batteries Online Instead Of Buying In Local Shops?

Since the battery is the powerhouse of your inverter, it is important not only buying the right type of buying but also buying it at the right and appropriate place. The following are the reasons why you should buy your inverter battery from online stores and not from the local shops around;

Buying your batteries online saves you the time of having to physically go to stores and finding the right battery. So, wherever you are – you can compare the prices of different brands and from different online stores before making a decision.

Besides saving you time and being able to compare prices – the product gets delivered to you on time. So, you need not worry about how it gets to you because the online store you purchased from will handle that.
In the event of a damaged and defective product, the online stores have a replacement and return policy that will ensure that once the product does not meet your specification or damaged – it gets replaced immediately at no extra cost.

When you buy from online stores, you stand the chance of enjoying the warranty on the product – this might not be possible if you patronize physical stores.
And most importantly, if you buy your battery from an online store, you can easily access the after-sale support services offered by the online store in the event of questions and other clarifications.
Therefore, it is advisable to always buy your batteries from reputable online vendors and save yourself the stress that might arise later in the future.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Your Inverter Battery At JUMIA?

Users of Smartphones in Nigeria are constantly increasing daily – these have also increased the number of people who shop online via the mobile apps; So, if you shop for your inverter battery at Jumia, you will enjoy the following benefits;

Shoppers enjoy a 5% discount when they order through the Jumia app and then make use of the Jumia Pay as their preferred payment option.
Besides, there are exclusive deals on new products if you activate the push button on the mobile app. First-hand information is sent to users whenever there is a new product – making you the first to buy the product.

Also, if what was sent to you did not meet your expectation or it is defective, Jumia has a return policy that gets back the product and replaces it for you.
Also, there are daily vouchers attached to having the mobile apps. For instance, buying an inverter that original N95,000 for N60,000 – with this you still enjoy 5% off the order when you make use of Jumia Pay as your preferred payment option.
With all these benefits, wouldn’t you rather shop for your inverter at Jumia?

Final Thoughts

Reading through this review would have broadened your knowledge when it comes to inverter batteries in Nigeria – the different brands, their price range, benefits of buying online, what you stand to gain when you patronize online vendors like Jumia and the things you need to consider before buying your inverter battery.So, it’s time for you to choose the best inverter battery that meets your power needs.