Best Air Conditioner Brand In Nigeria – 2021

Best Air Conditioner Brand In Nigeria – 2021

Before now, air conditioners were categorized as luxurious items and only found in the homes of the rich and the affluent. However, the story has changed these days as you now find AC in shops, homes, and stores around.

Therefore, in Nigeria today, there are different brands of air conditioners with varying prices. In Sub-Saharan Africa where Nigeria belongs – it is usually very hot during the dry season, so the need for an AC to cool down the temperature; especially in a working environment.

Best Air Conditioner: Tips and Brands

So, in Nigeria today, the air conditioner is no longer seen as a luxurious good but rather a necessity. Therefore, this best air conditioner brand in Nigeria review will serve as a guide to you as you plan to buy an AC.
Also, the available market price is provided – this is important because the AC manufacturers in Nigeria are on the increase due to the increase in patronage of the product. How much information you have will determine how best you can buy.

Best Air Conditioner Brands In Nigeria

LG Air Conditioners

When it comes to the electronics market – you can take nothing away from LG. LG is classified among the best air conditioner brands not only in Nigeria but around the world. Besides, their ACs come in exquisite designs, better durability, and excellent quality output.
Besides, they are affordable, easy to maintain, and easy to operate. LG ACS comes in different colors, functionality (such as good power saving), and power ratings.

Therefore, the LG AC is arguably one of the most easily accessible air conditioners – with distribution and service outlets spread across Nigeria.
Therefore, you can get this air conditioner either as the floor standing type, the ceiling cassette type, the duct type, or the convertible type. So, when next you think of buying an AC – think LG air conditioner.
The price of LG air conditioners range from N70,000 – N500,000

Haier Thermocool Air Conditioners

The Haier Thermocool brand is another brand to beat in the market. This AC either comes as split air type, windows type, or the package air conditioner type.
Haier Thermocool produces an air conditioner that is not only easy to use, but also efficient, and classy. In terms of power – they come in 1 horsepower to over 10 horsepower and they are easy to operate

However, this brand is built to withstand any condition once it is adequately maintained. The brand might seem expensive but they are a good buy and will deliver quality service any day and any time.
Therefore, if you want a quality AC and not minding the price, choose the Haier Thermocool brand. Their sales and service stations are available around Nigeria
The price of the Haier Thermocool AC range from N80,000 – N300,000

Samsung Air Conditioners

The Samsung air conditioner brand is another brand that has built a good reputation and quality for itself over the years. In addition to manufacturing durable products – they also make ACs that are stylishly designed and full of amazing features.

However, their air conditioners come as a split unit type and windows AC type. With the Samsung brand, you are sure to get a good cooling experience because it is built with a large cooling capacity. Also, it can work under any condition as long as it’s adequately maintained.

So, if you are in search of a durable, reliable, and affordable air conditioner – the Samsung brand is worth trying. Samsung AC sales outlets and service points are also available around Nigeria.
The price of the Samsung air conditioner brands range from N85,000 – N650,000

Panasonic Air Conditioners

This is among the most sought after brands of air conditioners in Nigeria. The Panasonic air conditioners are built to be efficient, rugged, durable, ever-reliable, and also easy to use features among other amazing qualities.

In terms of power, you can get between 1 horsepower to over 10 horsepower and they either come as windows, ceiling cassette, wall, standing, or split air conditioner options.
Panasonic is a brand from Japan but with a huge Nigerian presence. The quality of this product is top-notch – no wonder it is among the preferred brand of air conditioners in Nigeria. Despite being pricey, it is still among many users of an air conditioner in Nigeria.

Therefore, if your choice is a rugged, reliable, and efficient air conditioner – the Panasonic brand of air conditioners is worth trying.
The price of the Panasonic air conditioner brand range from N100,000 – N640,000

Polystar Air Conditioners

The Polystar is an electronic brand known for producing top-notch ACs and has so far become a household name in the air conditioner market. If you want a budget-friendly AC that is strong, durable, and of high quality – the Polystar air conditioner will meet your needs.

It is strong and durable, portable, easy to control, and easy to install. However, you can have any model in your homes, offices, or anywhere within your space.

Also, the Polystar AC comes as a floor standing, window unit, split unit, and mobile air conditioners and you can get it across major electronics outlets and online stores around Nigeria.
The price range for the Polystar air conditioner is between N70,000 – N290,000

Midea Air Conditioners

The Midea air conditioner is a Chinese product but has since been famous within the Nigerian air conditioner space as a result of its strong and durable products. Just like the Polystar ACS, the Midea brands also are budget-friendly and efficient.

They come in different colors, sizes, and they look beautiful therefore adding to the décor of where they are installed. The Midea brands of air conditioners are easily operated and installation is seamless.

Like every other brand of air conditioner – the Midea brand is available at authorized electronics outlets and online stores. Though it’s a bit pricey – you are guaranteed an efficient and quality output. Therefore, if you want something classy, elegant, durable, and strong – the Midea brands of air conditioners will do the magic.
For the Midea AC brand, the price is between N80,000 – N756,000

Hisense Air Conditioners

This is another Chinese company that manufactures amazing cooling systems. Hisense air conditioners come as inverter split units, on/off split units, and windows unit models.
Their air conditioners are not only strong but highly efficient and durable. This product can be gotten from dealer outlets and online stores around Nigeria.
The price for Hisense AC is between N65,000 – N250,000

What Should Lookout for when buying An Air Conditioner?

Before buying an air conditioner, there are many things to consider so that you can get the best from it, some of these factors are:

Types of air conditioner

It is important to know the type of air conditioner you want. There are four air conditioning types available in the Nigerian market.

  1. The split air conditioning system
  2. The central air conditioning system
  3. Windows air conditioning system
  4. The packaged air conditioning system

Therefore, the above types of conditioning system will be determined by your budget, the cooling space, and the air quality required.


This is also important as you buy an air conditioner. The airflow determines the entire cooling system of the AC. Some air conditioners come with either a motorized or automatic control that can control the airflow.


It is often good to compare prices from online vendors and other authorized dealers. By doing this, you are sure of staying within the price range and not being over-priced.

The cooling capacity of the air conditioner

This is important to your cooling needs. For instance, for bigger rooms – you should settle for bigger ACs and vice versa. Doing this will help you to maintain the efficiency of the system and prevent over-laboring the AC.

Power consumption

These days many air conditioner manufacturers are building energy-efficient appliances, that is, ACs that use less energy.
Some other factors to consider before buying your air conditioner are; ACs with built-in dehumidifiers – for damp areas and during the hot seasons, timers – it will aid its smooth operation.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying AC Online Instead Of Buying In Local Shops?

  • Better pricing: Online stores like Jumia do not have to spend extra costs on running retail outlets – they save costs by obtaining better sales cuts directly from the manufacturer. So, you are sure of a better deal and most especially during flash sales.
  • Access to full product warranty: Unlike the offline stores and dealer outlets, the online stores take full responsibility for any damage or if what you ordered for is different from the item delivered. So, to enjoy the full warranty on your appliance, use the online store
  • Rapid delivery service: With online stores, you are guaranteed of getting your appliance delivered right on time. This is being made available as a result of thousands of delivery vans operating from one city to another. This might be challenging with stores especially when you visit the store without a car.
  • It saves time: With your internet-enabled mobile device, you can check through deals anywhere you are (in the office, home, or while in transit) and any time you wish to do so. Also, it saves you the stress of having to go through traffic to get into a store. Therefore, it is advisable and wise to make use of the online for buying your AC.

What Are The Advantages Of Buying Your AC On JUMIA?

Just like with any other appliances, buying your air conditioners from Jumia also attracts discounts especially on flash sales.
For instance, shoppers enjoy 5% when they make orders using the Jumia app and then make payment using the Jumia Pay platform.

Besides, any time new products are launched – and you activate the push-button option on the mobile app, you stand the chance of being the first to buy the product – even at a discounted rate.

Also, there are daily app vouchers open to shoppers when they make use of the mobile app. Again – no app, no voucher. Can you imagine getting as high as N4,000 off the original price of an air conditioner worth N100,000? Amazing, isn’t it. These are many other benefits awaits shopper who does their purchases making use of Jumia


This review has exposed you to how much information you need as a guide before buying your air conditioner. However, remember the top picks are LG air conditioners, Haier Thermocool air conditioners, Samsung air conditioners, Panasonic air conditioners, Polystar air conditioners, Midea air conditioners, and Hisense air conditioners

Therefore, whichever brand of air conditioner that you settle for – ensure that its standards meet with what you intend to use.
How much information do you have on how to buy an AC? Adequate information I guess!
So, you can get all these brands of air conditioners on Jumia and some other online stores and offline stores in Nigeria.

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